WednesdayMay 17, 2023 3:01 pm

Sierra Club Reports Nearly One-Third of US Dealerships Disinterested in Selling EVs

The 2023 Rev Up report from the Sierra Club's poll on shopping experiences this year revealed that 66% of auto dealers in the United States have no electric vehicles to sell, and 45% claimed they would not sell any under any circumstances. According to the report, 44% of the 66% of auto dealers without any electric vehicles would like to sell them whenever possible. The ones that seek to sell electric vehicles claim that the stock constraints are the result of supply network problems and inventory problems, as well as electric vehicle manufacturers’ allotment to dealerships. In comparison to all…

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TuesdayMay 16, 2023 3:32 pm

Norway Shows How EV-Dominated Future Will Be

In 2022, Norway was at the forefront of the transition to battery-powered mobility owing to its 80% EV sales. Furthermore, Norway has become a research hub for analyzing how the electric car revolution can change the world. In 2025, the nation will stop selling ICE cars. The experience of Norway demonstrates that EVs have advantages without having the negative effects that some detractors have projected. However, during moments of heavy demand, there are issues with faulty chargers and lengthy waits, and retailers and car dealerships have had to adjust. The switch has rearranged the auto industry, elevating Tesla to the…

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MondayMay 15, 2023 3:43 pm

Li Auto Founder Forecasts 8 in 10 Vehicles in China Being EVs by 2025

By 2025, Li Xiang, CEO and founder of China's auto manufacturing company Li Auto, predicts that electric vehicles could make up 80% of the total new vehicle sales in China. According to Li, more than 80% of all new cars sold in China will be new energy vehicles (NEVs) in December 2025. In February, the auto boss had forecast that China would have 70% penetration of new energy vehicles by Q4 of 2025, but now he has raised his estimate to 80%. Li Xiang compared the tremendous expansion of industrial output during the Second World War with the rise in…

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FridayMay 12, 2023 2:58 pm

Survey Shows Americans Want EVs with 300-Mile Range

Last year, Bloomberg Green conducted a survey which established that only a paltry 10% of all Americans would be comfortable buying an e-vehicle whose range didn’t exceed 200 miles. While many people may be quick to criticize this preference exhibited by Americans, a deeper analysis shows that consumers are more acutely aware of a number of factors pertinent to their driving needs. For example, the average American travels 14,500 miles each year. This figure is approximately 33% higher than the average distance covered each year by motorists in other countries around the world. It would, therefore, be reasonable for Americans…

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ThursdayMay 11, 2023 3:29 pm

Major EV Makers Look to India in Expansion Bid

India is considered by many to be a nation whose impact could increase greatly as the 21st century goes on given its large military, economy, and population. However, the country is yet to catch up in terms of electric vehicle adoption. In the view of the International Energy Agency (IEA), China, the United States and Europe have all become major markets for electric vehicle purchases; the agency reports that more than 50% of the vehicles on Chinese roads are EVs. However, India is still lagging behind. The IEA did note that BEV sales in India increased by four times more…

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WednesdayMay 10, 2023 3:14 pm

As More Carmakers Prefer Selling SUVs, Environmental Concerns Rise

A key component of President Joe Biden's strategy to address the climate catastrophe is electrifying the massive fleet of vehicles in the United States. This objective, however, is in danger of being undermined by the exploding size of EVs, which are displacing smaller, more cost-effective vehicles that use less of the environment's resources. In the past week, GM revealed that it would be ending production of the Chevy Bolt later this year. The Bolt is smaller and the most affordable of the greener electric vehicles available, with prices under $30,000. This price is in addition to qualifying for a $7,500…

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TuesdayMay 09, 2023 2:40 pm

France Aims for $112 Monthly EV Payment

France Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced that the country has set a target of making it possible for members of the public to buy electric vehicles for a monthly payment of $112 (€100). The purpose is to make these vehicles more affordable, especially for the more vulnerable sections of the population. Borne said that the initial batch of EVs at this pocket-friendly cost could become available next year. She added that the government was engaged in discussions with EV manufacturers in France so that vehicles could be more affordable for the population. While no specific details are currently available regarding…

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MondayMay 08, 2023 3:26 pm

In a Trend Reversal, Tesla Hikes EV Prices Globally

After a string of price reductions recently that lowered its profit margin to the lowest point since 2020 and created an intense price conflict, Tesla has increased pricing in its key markets for electric vehicles, including China and the United States. Last week, Tesla's website showed that the American automaker has raised the costs of its Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV by $289 (2,000 yuan) in China, which is Tesla's biggest international market. The starting price for the Model 3 Y is currently 263,900 yuan ($38,175) in China, while that of the Model 3 is 231,900 yuan ($33,546).…

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FridayMay 05, 2023 11:20 am

Maserati Seeks to Stand Out by Making Exciting Electric Vehicles

In an interview with Dezeen, Maserati CEO Davide Grasso explained what the vehicle brand is doing to make sure its electric cars offer as good a driving experience as those powered by internal combustion engines. In response to a query from Dezeen, Grasso specifically addressed the idea that electric vehicles are less interesting than fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. According to Grasso, Maserati just revealed an electric vehicle during Milan Design Week 2023 which the company anticipates is going to be as charismatic as its gasoline-powered sports vehicle, which made a name for itself. In his remarks, Grasso maintained that even though the…

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ThursdayMay 04, 2023 1:48 pm

Hertz Global Announces Fleet Now 10% Electric

Quarter 1 of 2023 saw Hertz achieve a significant milestone in the journey toward electrifying its fleet. By April, the car rental company had 50,000 electric vehicles, accounting for 10% of the company's whole fleet. By year’s end, rentals of electric vehicles are also expected to rise by five times to reach 2 million trips. This is an enormous improvement that demonstrates a growing demand for clean, emission-free vehicles, because rentals are continuously increasing as the company's fleet of zero-emission vehicles expands. Hertz generated revenue of $2 billion for the first quarter of 2023, which was motivated by a significant…

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