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Big ideas and game changing innovation start in the small-cap arena. That's where public companies marshal talent and resources to transport ideas and technology from development stage to commercialization. Nowhere is this "can do" spirit more prevalent than in the Green Energy sector which is tackling the monumental environmental challenges that face our planet.

Big ideas and technological innovation are the only answer to mitigating the challenges already impacting daily life. Meeting the challenge, the green sector could easily deliver the greatest investment returns ever seen. If you're like us, you know that big money can be made in green.

There's no better feeling than making money while being socially and environmentally responsible.

Green Car Stocks is focused on green energy trading ideas. The newsletter covers a wide range of green opportunities, each one is stringently reviewed and meets select criteria before it's ever mentioned to subscribers. The newsletter doesn't just skim the surface of the expansive small-cap energy market, it drills down to identify some of the best money-making ideas in the sector. We cover the entire green space, but our passion is the fast-moving market of environmentally friendly transportation.

Green Car Stocks sets itself apart from other alternative energy newsletters. We scour the entire sector looking for undervalued opportunities, especially in the small-cap market. We look for companies with big ideas, innovative products, disruptive technologies and explosive upside potential. We're not afraid to pick outside of our small-cap focus, but experience tells us that eye-popping returns are most often found in little known companies that can break out of their trading range and establish new highs.

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To maintain our impressive track record, Green Car Stocks constantly trolls the alternative energy space to seek out the stocks with the highest potential for success. Each exceptional "Green Pick" is determined according our rigorous standards to ensure that the company is truly a worthwhile play. Due to the significant resources devoted to identifying these companies, we only select a few companies a year that meet the criteria of a Green Pick. We also have other trades targeted to earn you quick profits, including earnings plays, and offer other trading strategies that could make you a lot of green.

NEVER EVER… would we sell or rent our subscriber list… NEVER EVER.

Don't wait, our next stock pick is coming out soon and while we can't guarantee where it's going, we believe that this one could be our biggest winner yet!

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P.S. It's no coincidence that money is green.

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