TuesdayJan 31, 2023 12:36 pm

6 Helpful Negotiation Tips When Buying an EV

If you've decided to buy an electric vehicle this year, you may not be able to negotiate a low price because of the high demand. The reality is that many buyers of electric vehicles won't be able to negotiate pricing. For instance, certain car producers, such as Tesla, never bargain over pricing. In other situations, dealers are unlikely to lower the MSRPs of their small selection of electric vehicles. However, haggling with dealers can be an important aspect of purchasing a car, especially an electric vehicle. Find out how to purchase your next electric vehicle at the lowest cost possible.…

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MondayJan 30, 2023 11:11 am

The Benefits, Drawbacks of Buying an EV Now

If you're on the verge of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), you may be debating whether to purchase a new car right away or wait. It makes sense that one would be hesitant, because you may be concerned about a number of things, including the weakening economy, skyrocketing rates of interest, new and ambiguous legislation regarding EV tax incentives, and the expensive cost of cars in general. Let's look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing an electric car right away versus waiting a bit longer. Benefits Rates of interest: Any significant decrease in interest rates won't likely…

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FridayJan 27, 2023 10:19 am

Experts Predict EU Dependence on Chinese EV Batteries Could End in 2030

By 2030, analysts believe Europe will no longer need to import electric vehicle batteries from China, provided it keeps up with the American president's $369 billion (£298 billion) environmental subsidy binge. According to a report by Transport & Environment, which advocates for renewable energy, the European Union is on course to create more li-ion batteries by 2027 to increase supply and end reliance on China for the production of batteries as well as the processing and refinement of battery metals. By 2030, projects in Europe may meet more than one-half of the refined lithium requirements. Currently, Europe doesn’t have any…

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ThursdayJan 26, 2023 10:35 am

Tips for Charging Your EV This Winter

An electric vehicle's battery can deplete faster or slower depending on the season. However, you will probably discover that the freezing winter climate has the most effect on your vehicle's suggested charging schedule as well as the range. The distance one can travel on a battery that is 100% charged is referred to as its range. The range varies depending on how you drive, the size of your car, the climate, and other considerations. Under ideal circumstances, some electric vehicles have the potential to travel more than 400 miles without being recharged. However, many electric vehicles will lose range in…

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WednesdayJan 25, 2023 11:18 am

Could EVs Become Affordable After Tesla Slashes Prices?

Last week, Tesla reduced the pricing for all of its electric vehicles globally. Tesla vehicles have previously ever been less expensive, particularly during the past two years. Tesla did, however, significantly reduce the price of its vehicles in 2022 to reflect the existing market conditions. Tesla had previously dropped its prices in China, where demand for its formerly well-liked vehicles had fallen off. However, the situation has currently returned to a high level of stability in the wake of the reduced prices. The prices of some models saw reductions of 17% in Germany, above 18% in the Netherlands and even…

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TuesdayJan 24, 2023 12:24 pm

How Toyota Fell Behind in Tapping EV Revolution

Toyota and its management have been staunchly opposed to electric vehicles for nearly two decades, until recently when the company has been signaling that it is getting serious about electric vehicles. Early this month, Toyota presented a vintage concept vehicle that runs entirely on batteries as well as a new hybrid model at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Last December, Toyota also revealed a strategy to bring five new emission-free cars to the market in Europe in 2026. However, there is just one electric car available from Toyota as of now, and its sales are quite low. Hyundai and other rivals…

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MondayJan 23, 2023 1:16 pm

City Commuters Turn to e-Bikes as EV Prices Stay Elevated

Electric vehicles are regarded as a crucial strategy to minimize emissions that contribute to global warming. As per the Kelley Blue Book, a brand-new electric car cost more than $65,000 on average last year. However, even if operating costs are lower than those of a gas-powered vehicle, there are still additional expenditures involved with EVs, such as tax and insurance costs, as well as parking fees. Lelac Almagor, from Washington, DC, a mother of three who owns an electric bike, believes there is another way to stop relying on a fuel vehicle — riding an electric bike. E-bikes slash the…

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FridayJan 20, 2023 11:10 am

Stanford Study Highlights Why EV Charging Habits Need to Evolve

Electric vehicles are leading the race to electrify road transportation and are luring drivers to do so. According to researchers from Stanford University, if changes are not made before zero-carbon emissions targets for electric vehicles are achieved, present charging practices for electric vehicles would be untenable for the electrical grid. Presently, there are almost 16.5 million EVs on the roads worldwide. This figure is expected to increase to 300 million by 2030 following a strategy to have zero carbon emissions by 2050. The researchers, who concentrated on the western American geographical area, discovered that without big expenditures and adjustments in…

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ThursdayJan 19, 2023 12:06 pm

Used, Leased EVs to Qualify for US Tax Credits

The United States Department of Treasury gave electric vehicle buyers and international automakers a new year's gift by expanding the number of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) that qualify for a federal tax credit of about $7,500. The new guidelines include automobiles not made in North America as long as consumers lease or purchase used models instead of brand-new ones. The decision regarding leased vehicles does not relieve the heightened limitations placed on tax incentives for people who purchase brand-new EVs and PHEVs in 2023. The agency wanted to increase North America's production, relocate battery distribution networks in…

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WednesdayJan 18, 2023 11:35 am

Amid Growing Competition, Tesla Reduces Car Prices

In an effort to increase the demand for its vehicles on the market, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has lowered the cost of a few of its best-known electric vehicles in both Europe and the United States. Tesla faces a challenging prognosis for the world economy and heightened rivalry from more seasoned automakers, as well as China brands that pose risks to the company's expansion. However, in a scenario where so many automakers are vying for a limited number of buyers, the company can no longer keep up with the high cost of its models if its intentions are to continue…

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