MondayOct 31, 2022 11:39 am

What You Need to Know About Hydrogen vs. Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen and electric vehicles are totally different in terms of benefits and drawbacks, traits, and methods used to produce them. In any case, when the time comes for customers to replace their current gas-powered vehicles, they will have the choice of selecting a hydrogen or an electric vehicle. Both vehicles have several advantages that pertain to their innovations, together with the accessibility and assistance that are attached to the vehicle, as well as the drawbacks. Risk Evaluation Vs. Performance of Both Vehicles Electric vehicles are relatively cheap and show great efficiency since the cost of electricity when attempting to charge…

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FridayOct 28, 2022 10:03 am

SEMA Show 2022 to Feature Expanded Electrified Section

The SEMA Show is a trade-only event where EV exhibitors gather to showcase their vehicles. This year is no different, and the organizers of this year’s event are looking to expand the hall in the EV section to be able to accommodate more EVs and their related technologies. The 2022 SEMA show is scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Nov. 1­–4, 2022. The event’s electrified hall section will be in the North Hall of the venue. Given that the EV market is expanding quickly and that changes in this sector are un-avoidable, it is simply…

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ThursdayOct 27, 2022 11:05 am

Tesla Slashes Prices of China-Made EVs as Competition Heats Up

Following a looming recession in China, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), through its CEO, has announced price cuts on its models so that the company can meet its target of delivering a predetermined number of electric vehicles in China. China’s economy was hit hard by COVID-19, which stoked economic worries in recent months. This price reduction was taken after Tesla produced the Model 3 and Model Y, two of its most potent cars, at its Shanghai Giga plant, boosting manufacturing capacity there by 30%. These models have to contend with other new models being introduced by its rivals on the Chinese…

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WednesdayOct 26, 2022 2:55 pm

Volkswagen Commences EV Production at US Facility

Volkswagen has started manufacturing electric vehicles at its new Chattanooga, Tennessee, facility. Coincidentally, the United States recently passed and started implementing the Inflation Reduction Act, a law that provides incentives to buyers of electric vehicles that are partly or fully made on U.S. soil. Hein Schafer, a senior VP at the American division of Volkswagen, said during a webinar that the company was excited to announce that its crossover 2023 EV model, the Volkswagen ID.4, was now being built at its Chattanooga production plant in Tennessee. He revealed that this vehicle is performing excellently on the market given that the…

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TuesdayOct 25, 2022 12:11 pm

iPhone Maker Foxconn Expresses Interest in Manufacturing Teslas

Foxconn, the largest assembler of iPhones for Apple, has a desire to manufacture Tesla electric vehicles for Tesla Inc. as the Taiwanese company looks to expand its footprint into EV production. Foxconn, officially referred to as Hon Hai Technology Group, unveiled a pair of electric vehicle concept vehicles last week. One is its Model V pickup truck while the other is a Model B sports crossover hatchback. However, Foxconn has no interest in going to market with electric vehicles carrying its brand name. Rather, the company has interest in designing and manufacturing EVs for other vehicle makers, hence its desire…

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MondayOct 24, 2022 11:30 am

How to Prolong the Service Life of Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are still a relative novelty, and many potential buyers of these vehicles worry about how they can get the longest life possible from these vehicles. Given the high price of EVs, who wouldn’t want to squeeze the most benefit from such a possession? We discuss some recommendations that can help you prolong the service life of your electric vehicle. Avoid temperature extremes Conditions that are too hot or too cold will quicken the deterioration of an EV battery, so it is advisable to limit the extent to which your vehicle is exposed to those extremes. Many automakers equip…

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FridayOct 21, 2022 2:13 pm

Prop 30 Boosting EV Access Divides California Democrats

California has led the way in enacting ambitious legislation that seeks to ban the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. One would therefore assume that any proposed law that furthers this objective would gain near-unanimous support from the governor and key advocacy groups, but this isn’t the case with regard to Proposition 30. This ballot measure wants the rich — specifically those earning at least $2 million annually — to incur an additional 1.75% tax that will go toward helping people in poorer communities access electric vehicles. Some of that money would also be directed toward combating wildfires, an…

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ThursdayOct 20, 2022 2:44 pm

EU Wants Its EVs Given Equal Treatment in the US Inflation Reduction Act

When the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act was passed, there was uproar from foreign makers of electric vehicles because the law stipulated that only vehicles that were partially or wholly manufactured in the United States would qualify for the subsidies indicated in this new law. The European Union is one trading bloc that has come out to protest what its calls “discriminatory policies” orchestrated by the U.S. against vehicles made from the European Union and elsewhere. The EU says that its member countries, such as Germany, have government subsidies in place to support the rapid adoption of electric vehicles. Those subsidies…

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WednesdayOct 19, 2022 11:14 am

California’s Low-Income Earners Struggle to Access EV Grant Programs

With the effects of runaway climate change becoming all too apparent with each passing year, different jurisdictions are taking steps to encourage the transition to electric vehicles so that pollution from the transportation sector can be reduced. California is one such jurisdiction that has set an ambitious 2035 target for ending sales of fossil-fuel vehicles. However, the average cost of an EV in the United States is approximately $66,000, and this figure is out of reach for nearly all low-income earners. To help this section of the state’s population to access financial help in acquiring electric vehicles, California has established…

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TuesdayOct 18, 2022 2:29 pm

Why Tesla EVs Aren’t All Updated at the Same Time

If you own a Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) electric vehicle, you may be wondering why you may not be receiving updates for your vehicle at the same time as other Tesla EV owners. While you may be tempted to surmise that this is due to some inefficiency on the part of the automaker, it turns out that there are perfectly logical reasons why different vehicles receive these (often) monthly updates several days or even weeks apart. The first consideration that determines when a Tesla vehicle receives an update has to do with the particulars of the vehicle and where that…

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